Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas

 I can't believe Christmas is already over! I will admit I was dreading the holidays because I knew they wouldn't be the same without Mom, but thanks to having an amazing family I made it through it. She was definitely missed this year. Not hearing her laughter was hard for me because that's one thing I really treasure about her. We spent most of the time out in Firth with my family this year, being with them made me feel better because I knew they felt that hole in their hearts as well. We also were able to play card games with Todd's parents, Marc and Des, and Scott and Priscilla. It turned out to be not to bad of a Christmas. :) So once again I have tons of pictures to show. Hope everyone had happy holidays! 

My handsome man
Our tiny Christmas tree :)
Shelby made sure Todd won these farm animals for his bingo gift. haha
Harlee got this for Misty. Yea, Mom would be proud. ;)
Christmas at my parents house, we're definitely are not as good as Mom at decorating the true! 
Some of the grand-kids and Grandma and Grandpa
Love this. From Russ to Todd.
I caught them playing barbies a few times...
And again...
My poor Dad worked the night shift, so he was going on no sleep Christmas day