Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Ran a 5K...

Dr. Michael Tall (the dentist I work for), decided to have our office run a 5k at the Annual Spud Day. I had Todd and my cousins Lindsey and Wyatt come join along. Todd and I never trained for it, so I was very nervous that I would pass out along the way. ;) Well it turned out that we didn't do that terrible. Todd finished the race in 28 minutes and I finished it in 37 minutes. I am super proud of Todd for doing it in such a good time! And Wyatt actually ended up running the 10k in about 48 minutes! Lindsey could have probably finished the race way earlier then 37 minutes but she was kind enough to hang in the back with me. :) I am also proud of my staff crew who finished it as well. We had fun, well as much fun as you can have while running. haha Now we can say we have ran in a 5k! That is one thing we can check off of our "things we want to do" list!

(not the best picture, the sun in our eyes and completely exhausted haha)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy 46th Birthday to Mom

Tomorrow is my Mom's Birthday. It would have been her 46th birthday. She would never admit that she was "that old" but she is to young to not be here celebrating another birthday with us. I just wish I could make one phone call to heaven to wish her the best birthday ever. But sadly it does not work that way. Tomorrow will be a struggle for all of us, but I know we will get through it. I am so grateful for the times I did get to have with my Mom. She is such an inspiration to me and I look up to her in every way. I want to be just like her. There was not anything that my mom could not do. She truly was perfect. And I guess that is why Heavenly Father needed her so soon. 

Here are a few pictures and even a video of SOME of her best days...

 Marrying her best friend


 Having a beautiful family

 Fishing as much as they can together

 Brenden graduating from college

Visiting the Warwick side, playing cards of course ;)

Being with the Christensen family pretty much daily

Our wedding day

Water sliding at Grandma and Grandpa's

 Spending time with the family

Here is a video of us in Hawaii. I just love hearing her voice...

This is my Mom's best bud in heaven, great grandma Coral. I know they are having a great time together.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! We love you very much!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hanson Clan

 A little over a month ago the Hanson family took a weekend off to spend some time in Palisades. We stayed in a cabin that had an amazing view of the lake. It was a nice relaxing weekend, that was much needed. We spent a day in Jackson and the rest of the time playing cards, having camp fires, riding 4 wheelers, and visiting with the whole family.