Monday, September 17, 2012

Mom's 47th Birthday

Mom's birthday was on Saturday, she would have turned 47 this year. I wish that I could say it "wasn't that hard of a day," but I'd be lying. It's kind of one of those weird days where you don't know what to do but you want to do something for her but there really isn't much you can do. So the best thing we came up with was getting her something for her graveside. Since Mom is "country-ish" we thought this little corn stalk would spice things up a bit. I wish more then anything that she was here and we could have celebrated the day as a family, but I'm sure there was a big party in heaven for her. Some times I wonder how I have made it this long without her here, I still don't know how its possible. But I do know that I am one lucky girl to have such an amazing husband. When I have my "little/big breakdowns" he knows that there isn't much he can say to make things better but just to hug me until I get it all out. I also have the best family, moving back out to Firth next to them was the best medicine I could get. Todd's parents have also been such a blessing for me, they have helped out a ton. So needless to say I'm surrounded by some pretty amazing people. :) 

I thought I would post a picture of her when she was a baby, wasn't she adorable?
And I love this quote...

"I love you for all the times you picked me up when I was down,
for all the times you traded your warm smile for my frown,
for all the times you brushed my hair and tucked me into bed...
or needed something for yourself and put me first instead,
for all the dreams that we have shared, the tears and laughter too, 
I love you mom with all my heart...
 there is no one quit like you."

Me and Mom back in the day


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fair Time

Usually every year that most of my family goes to the fair and I have to work, so I miss out on all the fun. Well this year it worked out that I had the day off! So almost all of us (poor Todd had class) loaded up and went to the fair for the day. We went to the rodeo in the morning to watch one of our relatives, then after that we hit up the rides. Of course I didn't go on anything (but the ferris wheel) I am to big of a chicken. :) Instead I was in charge of a large group of cousins. I told them as long as they don't throw up I would be their "chaperone." It was wrist band day, so needless to say they rode on the rides for hours! A bunch of fearless kids I'll tell you what. I was getting sick just watching them! Luckily my aunts were there to give me some company a little later on. To me there is nothing better then hanging out with my family, I really am blessed to have them in my life.