Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our Lives Lately

 A lot of fun things have been going on in our lives lately. We had a good Easter, unfortunately I didn't even take my camera so no pictures for that. :( Since we have moved out to Firth we have had a ton of yard work to do! And we have been enjoying every bit of it. Harlee and Misty (my Mom's dog who we now take care of) have also been enjoying yard work themselves. :) 

 We have had a few parties at Grandma and Grandpa's which are always a good time!

 It is Sandi's birthday on Tuesday and Lindsey wanted to throw her a surprise party. So we decided to go bowling and dinner. Lindsey, Grace and I made this cake for her the night before! Oh and Todd baked it. ;) It may be the worlds funniest cake ever. We had so much fun hanging out and being together. Although Sandi new what we were up to the whole time, she was still kind of surprised! haha

Lily had to show Todd how to bowl!
Carson made this present for Sandi. It's a dog (golden retriever) and the tail moves! haha so cute.