Friday, July 29, 2011


So lately we have been spending a lot of time with family. That is about the only thing that seems to make the heart not ache to bad. We have also started a new thing, golf. Todd loves it, I am still not convinced it's the funnest. :) But its nice spending time with each other.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Words To Live By

Quotes that I have fallen in love with to help me get through the hard times right now. And of course I had to throw in the "Life is Good" one, because that was my moms favorite. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 4th of July

Well obviously this 4th of July was not the 4th we are used to. It was missing 1 perfect person, my mother. But we all knew deep down that my mom would kill us if we sat around being bummed. So we all put the tears behind us and celebrated Independence day and also the beautiful life of my Mom. We spent most of the day slip n slidin, the day was gorgeous. It was full of smiles, laughter, and excitement. I know for a fact she was watching down on us having just as much fun as we were. She was there with us in spirit and that is the best feeling anyone can have.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Things I Loved About My Mom...

Things I love the most and memories I'll cherish forever of my Mom:

  • She always reasured me that my freckles were angel kisses

  • Every Monday and Thursday night was our night for zumba. Neither one of us are dancers so it was always entertaining. She would always say "I hope no one is watching me because I am ambidextrous so I can do it both ways!" haha

  • My mom ALWAYS tells stories the best. She slightly exaggerates. ;)

  • Her laugh is loud but beautiful and contagious

  • She loved playing her piano and she was absolutely amazing at it, even though she didnt think she was.

  • Fishing and camping with my Dad was something she looked forward to doing, and she always out fished my Dad.

  • She had the most gorgeous tan and toned legs

  • Her cooking was the best, I wish I could have learned more from her.

  • She taught me how to sew

  • I remember when I was younger we would always go to the mountains to go "rock hunting." She loved how they were all different and couldn't resist putting them into her yard.

  • She loved listening to her nieces play their violins and guitar.

  • We went para-sailing together on the Coeur D Alene Lake.

  • Going to Mexico with the family I know was one of her favorite times of her life.

  • My mom was never afraid to do anything. I have never heard her say "I'm not going to do that I'm to scared." That woman had guts. ;)

  • She was always there for me no matter the situation. I could always count on her for anything.

  • Not one day went by that we didn't talk on the phone. And we would always go to lunch once a week.

  • She loved my friends just as if they were her own. We would always go "hang out" at my house during high school and that meant sitting and talking with my mom. She could make anyone laugh.

  • She always made sure she would make a seperate dish of food for Todd and I that didn't have any onions in it.

  • She was the only one that Harlee would listen to. No matter what she would come to her on command, but ignore the rest of us.

  • When I was younger I had a hard time sleeping downstairs in my bed alone, I was a big scaredy cat. So my mom set up a little mattress in her bedroom on the side of her bed so I wouldnt have to go a night of being scared. She was always there to comfort me.

  • She is so proud of my brother and all that he has accomplished.

  • My mom enjoyed all the simple things in life. She would always point out things like trees, rocks, different kind of flowers, anything that most people don't even glance at.

  • She was ALWAYS happy, there was never a day she didn't have a smile on her face.

  • Doing puzzles with grandma during the winter time was something she looked forward to.

  • She also enjoyed driving truck for Grandpa and David during grain and potato harvest. She was a farm girl at heart.

  • She pretty much planned my entire wedding and it was beautiful. Even though she wanted us to all go to Las Vegas and just Elope I know she loved that day. haha

  • Mom had a crazy obsession with eyebrows, she could make my Dad cry by plucking one of his random crazy hairs. And of course she found it hilarious.

There are MANY more memories I could share, but for right now I can't continue on. I miss her more and more each day. She truly was my best friend. The hole in my heart will never mend, but I do find some comfort knowing she is now my angel.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Photo Tribute To My Mother

Here are a "few" pictures I wanted to share of my beautiful mother. In a few more days I will talk about memories and things I loved about her. (and a few more recent pictures) But for now this is all I can do without crying to hard. I miss you Mom!