Sunday, April 13, 2014


Well Oliver is getting BIG! He just turned 5 months a few days ago. He has the biggest personality! Always smiling, laughs at dad most of the time, hates taking naps (it's always a battle), talks loudly, prefers attention 24/7, has a bit of an attitude (we're in trouble), he'll watch cartoons in the mornings while I get ready, and of course he has us wrapped around his little finger. Olly boy is such a blessing in our lives and we couldn't be happier. 

  As for Todd he is still going strong in school. He will be a senior after this semester! Yay!!! Then he'll apply for the Physical Therapy program. He also was coaching a 5th/6th grade basketball team. He was able to have 3 of our cousins on the team as well, so it made it that much better! Also he has been watching Olly while I work, so he has been a busy guy. We're SO proud of all his hard work in school and for everything else he does for us. I love him to the moon and back.

As for me, I recently started working full time. It's hard leaving my Oliver, but momma has to bring in the big bucks. ;) Haha! Plus I really love what I do, so it's not too shabby. Other then that nothing is new and exciting with me. I've been enjoying my little family more then ever, and am incredibly grateful for them! 

Basically, life is good for us Hansons. :)