Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kauai Part 2

We still played Bingo on Christmas Eve :)

 On Christmas Day the boys played football on the beach
 Our Baywatch runs...
We spent a day at Tunnels Beach snorkeling. It was absolutely stunning there! They filmed Jurassic Park around this area. 

 A Monk Seal came right up to us while at Tunnels Beach

 One night we had a fire right on the beach! It was absolutely gorgeous, there was a full moon and the weather was perfect.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kauai {Part 1}

 After about 3 years of counting down the days till the Hawaii trip, it finally happened! The 2 weeks went by faster then we would have liked, but we enjoyed every minute of it. Of course I took a butt load of pictures, I just can't help myself. Basically to sum up our trip we were beach bums for 2 weeks straight! The weather was always high 70's to low 80's. Perfect. On the rainy and cloudy days we would go shopping at all the fun stores and markets. It was such a perfect vacation which none of us will forget. I don't know any better way then to celebrate our grandparents 50th anniversary than with the entire family (38 of us) in Hawaii! My grandma said "it was a dream come true." Not only was it a dream come true for them, but it was one for Todd and I as well. Enjoy my photo overload, part 1. ;)

We had a fire on the beach!
A drive to the lighthouse
Grandpa and Aunt Connie
Gavin was always COVERED in sand, he loved the beach
I could not get over how green and beautiful everything was!
The gorgeous Taro fields
PGA Golf Course

 Brenden wanted some pictures of him and his amazing girlfriend while we were in such a beautiful place! Here are some of my favorites!