Saturday, June 30, 2012

The 1st Year Without Mom...

David broke out a water fight and got Kaylynn pretty wet

Sandi was picking on Todd

Love these flowers

Today marks the day of Mom being gone a whole year. It's the weirdest feeling, it seems like just yesterday we were searching for her and then finally finding her about 1200ft away from the house in the ditch and yet it seems like it has been years since she has been gone. People wonder how we do it and it's because we have such a close family. Each of us are going thru the same pain and so we are able to go thru this heartache together. We made today a party and hung out at grandma and grandpas water sliding and having a BBQ. Then everyone come to the house and helped clean up the yard (we also lit fireworks off). Since my Mom's passion and full time job was working in her yard us kids and Todd have been having a hard time keep it the way she had it. It's a ton of work. We are so thankful that our family spent a few hours this evening helping us out. I know my Mom is proud and happy. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and wonder what she is up to in heaven. But I do know she is our family angel and I can find comfort in that.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bailey Got Hitched

 Well Bai and Sonny tied the knot this weekend!! Everything turned out amazing and we had a ton of fun! They got married at the Rose River Reception, which was beautiful. Bailey and Sonny are an adorable couple, and they were both so happy! I can't believe how any of us are old enough to be getting married! Now we just need to get Alexa and Alyssa married!!! ;) haha

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dedicating Her Grave

The little bouquet of flowers Todd and I put together from the yard
The 2 small headstones next to mom is her brother Michael and sister Christy
Kaylynn played a little prank on my Mom. My mom HATES fake flowers with a passion, nothing was more disturbing to her then ugly fake flowers. So what does Kaylynn get her for Memorial Day? Fake Flowers. haha
Lily even brought her a cute little flower
We all met at my Mom's headstone on Memorial Day, and uncle Kevin dedicated her grave that day. It is never easy but I love having the entire family there showing their love for her. I also love that my mom was able to be placed right next to her brother and sister. All 3 of their headstones looked beautiful that day.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

home decor

Now that we live in my parents house we have been able to do whatever we want to it. My mom was just about to remodel the entire upstairs. So Todd and I have been trying to make it feel like "our" home but also making it be something that my mom would love. It's very stressful because there is no way to fill her shoes and be as creative as she was. But we do love what we have done so far, and I'd like to think my mom approves as well. :) Now if only I can figure out how to take care of a yard and make it look gorgeous like she had it!