Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Intense 4th of July

So this 4th of July was probably the BEST one I have had in awhile. It started off with our usual basketball tourny in Inkom. There are never any other girls that play, so we end up playing the hardcore guys. This year we wanted to win though so we had my cousin Jordan and his friend Keagen play on our team. It was alot of fun, it definetely was rough and intense! In our last game it down poured rain so it was freakin sweet! Even though we looked like drowned rats. :) But we did take 1st place! As soon as we got done playing ball we headed to my grams and gramps for a delicious dutch oven dinner. As soon as we got eating we spent a few hours on the water slide. And of course that is always exciting. Then we had our firework show, which is always better then Idaho Falls. :) haha Not only do we launch our fireworks into the air, but we tried a new thing this year and throwing them in the canal is pretty intense! You just pray that it sinks or it's bad news...

The first video is what happens when it does not go right
And the second one is what happens when it works :)

My cousin Grace is very special.... haha

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I SUCK at this blogging thingy! Sad thing is I haven't been that busy either so I have no excuse. I work (for free, stupid internship), Ruby River shut down so I don't even work there on the weekends any more, my new favorite hobby is sleeping! :) So other then working I have been hanging out with my friends (it's sooo nice having them home from college), and I have been doing a lot with my family. This whole last weekend I spent every night with my cousins Cameron, Braidon, and Landry. We are all close in age so we have a freakin awesome time together. We do the most random things: playing cards all night, the drive in, slip and sliding at my grams (with all the cousins), and building a bike ramp. So here are a few picures for now. I have alot more to share, but I gotta go, Cameron is waiting for me at the water slide! :) haha