Sunday, November 16, 2014

Olly Boy Turns One

 I can NOT believe this little guy is one already! That year flew by. He is getting THE biggest personality, ever. He's full of determination, attitude, laughter, dance moves, cuddles, and spunk. Our lives would be boring without him. He has filled places in our hearts that we never knew were empty. We love this squirt to pieces.   

His 1 year announcements I made for family:
 Aunt Sherelle took the CUTEST pictures of him. This is one of my favorites:

Lucky little guy had two parties, that means TWO chocolate cakes! One with the Hanson side and the other with the Christensen side. Of course he loved the cakes, he has a serious love for chocolate.  
Oliver and cousin Brynlee are 5 days apart, so they ate cake together :)

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