Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thus Far In 2015

 For Todd's Birthday (back in November) I bought him tickets to a Jazz vs. Nets game. He has been a Brooklyn Net fan for years, so he was pretty excited. We have never had a night without Oliver, and have only gone on about 3 dates since he has been born! My mother-in-law offered to take him over the weekend, so we had 2 whole days with each other. It was heaven. But of course we missed Olly like crazy. The game was a blow out, the nets got their butts kicked. But Todd was happy to get some of his favorite players autographs. 

In Idaho January's are usually freezing and drenched in snow... Well strangely it has been beautiful! And Oliver has been dying to play outside and see the "meows." So the other day we went out and jumped on the trampoline for his first time. The dude is a dare devil. So he LOVED it. 

Todd has been coaching a 6th grade basketball team and Oliver is obsessed! Whenever we head to games or practice he has to hold the balls, and he is so proud. I can not keep this kid off the court, he wants to be right next to the boys. He will walk around saying "ball" the entire time. I think we have a little basketball player in the making... 

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